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Audio Samples


Audio Samples

I have always enjoyed story telling and story listening, bringing life to the characters using different pitches, tones and intonations as well as accents. 

I get enormous enjoyment from shaping a character and their imagined backstory simply from the sound and style of their voice.

There is something fabulous and comforting about being told a story, as the story's narrator, you have to be believed and give the text extra energy and enthusiasm to catch the listeners imagination for the ultimate experience.

'Jackanory' was my favourite as a child, watching the likes of Kenneth Williams, Bernard Cribbins, Miriam Margolyes and Rik Mayall bringing stories alive with character voices and energy. 
It fascinates me how a piece of text can be interpreted in a range of ways simply by altering inflection, timbre, mood and the melodic pattern of an utterance.

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